It all Began with One Man and Four Women

There is actually a lot of speculation when it comes to the relationships between Jacob and Leah and Rachel. We know Jacob preferred Rachel. What we don't know, and is supposed, is that the girls did not get along. This may not be true at all. In fact Rachel may have been very sympathetic concerning her sister. If she had really wanted Jacob to herself she would not have taken her sisters mandrakes allowing Leah to have more time with Jacob. I just think that there is a lot of guessing that needs to be qualified as such.

The emphasis of this page is to show how God started the nation of Israel. Sometimes the Bible speaks volumes with out saying a word. True Israel is the chosen love of Yahweh. Below is the beginning of Israel's strength. The progenitors of a nation, a multitude of nations and a company of nations. It all began with one man and four women.

The Children of Jacob/Israel - With their Birth Order
Mother Leah Zilpah (Leah's slave) Rachel Bilhah (Rachel's slave)
Children 1 Reuben 7 Gad 11 Joseph 5 Dan
2 Simeon 8 Asher 12 Benjamin 6 Naphtali
3 Levi
4 Judah
9 Issachar
10 Zebulun


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