Scriptural Polygyny

It was because of a friend showing me the truth in scripture concerning God's divorce of the house of Israel that I learned something unexpected. In my own studies to verify what he showed me and then learn more about it I discovered the scriptural truth of polygyny. After the national split of Israel God was married to two wives at the same time. God can not sin. He can not break his own law. Also, God does not change. God's morals never change.

I am having to rewrite this article a bit. I remembered something more. One of the things that really got this whole study going was several discussions I had at church with a man concerning the scriptural meaning of the term adultery. I did not have it figured out and even when I thought I did I found in chatting with him further that still neither of us had it right. It was the third or fourth conversation with him that I finally had it right. He could not answer what I told him and between that and further study and reading that I realized the correct scriptural definition. With out this correct definition I would have a hard time justifying polygyny during the old testament time. The new testament has what I believe is the most convincing verse that promotes polygyny.

Most of God's most faithful patriarchs of the Bible had many wives. Men such as Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, etc.

I still did not consider this for today due to 1 Timothy 3:2. One day, however, I accidentally found my self on a web site promoting polygyny. There I learned about the Greek word mia. Through additional study I learned that the Greek word for one in 1 Timothy 3:2 (mia:G3391) is also translated one, a or first in the scripture. This was before I discovered 1 Corinthians 7:2.

Well I have now known this truth for many years and have not been able come up with any suitable argument against this discovery. I think that as time progresses we will see polygyny return. Read Isaiah 3 and finish with Isaiah 4:1. If the number of women in verse 4:1 had been six then I would have a different opinion, but it is seven. There may also be some responsibility for established Christian families that I never would have considered. The rest of this web site has been written to show what I have learned. Enjoy reading.

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Christian Polygyny