Is Polygyny for Today?

This question is often heard after one is shown that the practice was common among Israel. The key for the study is the change of covenants and an understanding of God's morals.

Our God has morals. He can not violate his own law. God does not change and his morals do not change. You will not find one single act that is sin in the old covenant that is righteous in the new covenant. Also you will not find one single act that was righteous in the older covenant or covenants that is sinful today. Our God does not change.

We are so used to having laws change these days that it is hard for one to understand that under God's system nothing changes when it comes to morals. How does this subject relate to morals? The idea of God condemning a person for an act one day and then saying it is a righteous act the next would indicate that God had changed his morals. At that point we would be worshipping a different god, an unreliable god.

The fact is that God legislated and in one circumstance required plural marraige means that God has a moral stance on the practice of polygyny. The practice was not a violation of his moral law. Since God does not change then his moral stance on the subject must still be the same.

There are always "what about's" concerning other verses in scripture. Keep reading and studying. I may add more to this article as time permits.


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Christian Polygyny