Sunday Morning Guest

There had never been any news that spread faster. The hardest part of the news was believing that it was real, but it had been confirmed and no doubt remained. The real son of Isaac, Jacob, was going to be the guest at this Sunday morning's worship.

Sunday morning arrived. In walked Jacob along with Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah. Everyone had only been expecting Jacob. No one had expected this to happen. The murmers were hushed, but obvious. After an introduction Jacob stood to speak. First he thanked everyone for allowing him to speak. He told everyone that he was a Christian and that he and his wives would be living a short distance away if he was welcome to attened on a regular basis.

Normally the board and elders never met until after the evening worship, but in this case an emergency meeting was called. Not only had Jacob, the real Jacob of scripture with four wives, asked to become a memeber of the congregation, but as he had left the service he had hinted that more might be coming such as David, the King, and perhaps even his son Solomon. The board, elders and members were thrilled that it was their congregation chosen by such notable men from the scripture. On the other hand they were shocked and upset. What would they do? Jacob said he was a Christian, but he had four wives. How would the congregation deal with that. Add to that the idea that David and even maybe Solomon might show up and there would quickly be a real problem. The congregation would be over run by polygamist! Members were demanding that something be done to prevent such a distaster. How would the leaders talk to Jacob? How would they ask him if he could fix the embarassing situation. Some demanded he divorce three of his wives while others just asked that he be forbidden to bring three of them and never talk about it. A few members said they did not care who was asking to attend, they were sinners and needed to be dealt with as such.

So what would the board and elders do? The preacher was singled out and asked to go and speak with Jacob. Reluctantly he went to see Jacob. When the preacher began to explain the problem to Jacob he stopped the preacher. Jacob told the preacher that it would be unfair to his wives to even suggest such a thing. He said that he was never once condemned by God as a sinner for having multiple wives and since God/Christ and his morals do not change that sin does not change, yesterday, today or forever. Finally he told the preacher that he had much to teach a willing congregation, but that he would move on until he found the right people.

How many congregations do you think Jacob would have to try until he found people who understood the nature of God?

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